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Part-Time Financial Controller
We can provide part-time financial controllers with proven experience within industry.  This service is becoming more popular as businesses recognise the need for good financial controls and business support from professionals.  From once a week or once a month, a package can be tailored to fit the requirements of your business.  Part-time Financial Controllers offer the expertise and experience to help you run your business with confidence and the flexibility of being on-hand when convenient to you, but saving you the costs of recruiting someone full-time.
Business Start-Ups
You may find the amount of options and decisions that need to be made when considering starting your own business daunting.  It need not be.  We have helped many businesses start-up ranging from sole-traders setting out as carpenters to Manufacturing Companies eventually growing to in excess of a million pounds turnover.
Some of the common areas to think about are:
  • Should I be a sole trader or operate through a company?
  • How should I finance the business?
  • What is my personal tax/national insurance position?
  • Whom should I notify at the commencement of trading?
  • Should I be VAT registered?
  • Do I need a payroll scheme?
  • Dividend or Salary?
  • What method of bookkeeping should I use?
So if you are considering starting-up your own business and are concerned about all the legal requirements from the Inland Revenue, do not worry as we can help.
Don't forget our initial consultation is free.
Computer Accounting Systems
We have experience of many accountancy packages and specialise at the small to medium sized business requirements, i.e Sage, Quickbooks, Access.  We can help you review your current system and advise on what method is best and cost effective for your circumstances.
It should be remembered that many businesses run perfectly on well maintained manual records.  This may be the best solution for you, if unsure please ask us.
Business Plans
All businesses require a plan.  Some are in the the owners head, some are one sheet visions or goals of the owner.  Many businesses prepare formal business plans to help map out the next two to three years and from these set goals and objectives for themselves and their staff. 
If you are looking for external funding, i.e. a loan from a bank or an investment by a third party, they will want to see your business plan.  One area that any lender or investor will want to look at is the Financial Information, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, and Cash Flow Forecast.  They will also probably want to see "What-if" scenarios performed to see the effects on the business of a drop in sales, or increase in costs.
Druce Accountants can help you prepare a plan or review your existing plan. 
Project Work
You may need advice or assistance on a particular project.  Maybe you now need a computerised payroll system and would like someone to install it and help train your staff, or you require cover whilst your in-house accountant is away.
There are many areas where you may require a one-off task or service.  We will gladly look at these with you independently of any existing relationships you may have with accountants or jointly.
Assistance with Financial Recruitment
We have many years experience of recruiting accounting staff for businesses that we ourselves have worked for.  If you require assistance in creating a job or person specification, sorting through the CV's or even helping in the interview, we can help ensure you choose the best candidate for the job.

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